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So, you have a golden opportunity to make money, but how do you create a stunning “short” video? And. How do you turn it into a sale? You can do it the hard way and try to learn everything from scratch. You can waste months learning video editing techniques and spend hours on each video or you can use groundbreaking software that can create videos in minutes. VidzAGENCY is an amazing short video that drives huge engagement, traffic and sales. VidzAGENCY breaks the standard of video makers because it is a full-featured video maker complete with ready-to-use templates. So, you can easily create stunning short videos of every type for every platform and purpose in minutes. VidzAGENCY can create any type of video you want without limits with full control and 100% customization options. And VidzAGENCY goes beyond that because it has a huge media library of videos, images, and audio that you can add to your videos with one click plus a commercial license so you can even sell your videos.

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VidzAGENCY review
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Vendor: Brett Ingram

Product: VidzAGENCY

Launch Date and Time: 2023-May-18 at 10:00 EDT

Front-End Price: $27

Skill Required: No Skill Required

Customer Support: Yes

Bonus: Yes

Refund Status: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Official Site: Link Front End

Product Details For VidzAGENCY
Buy Front End: VidzAGENCY Buy
Buy OTO1: VidzAGENCY Effects Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO2: VidzAGENCY Animated Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO3: VidzAGENCY Slideshow Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO4: VidzAGENCY Agency Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO5: VidzAGENCY Dezignbiz Upgrade Your OTO

Best Feature of VidzAGENCY

Full-Featured Futuristic Video Creator and Editor
Create custom videos of any type, edit to your exact vision, then render as hd, 4k, wide, square, or vertical story video.

Jaw-Dropping DFY Template Library
Choose an awesome template from the included library, customize, and create your new video in seconds.

Done-for-You Stunning Visual Themes
Apply beautiful background, text and transition themes from the built-in library in just 1 click.

1-Click Slide Generator
Type, paste, or upload your text and vidzmock will create slides for your video project in 1 click automatically.

Built-in Multimedia Library
1,000+ included images, graphics, buttons, shapes, music tracks, sound effects, backgrounds and transitions.

Music and Sound Effects
Add an epic soundtrack to your video and even perfectly-timed sound effects to grab visitors’ attention and get them to buy.

1-Click Text-To-Speech Voiceovers
Create a human-sounding voiceover in multiple male and female voices from any text in 1 click automatically.

Voiceover & Screen Recording Studio
Record your own voiceover with real-time preview or even record your screen and narrate to make that perfect video.

Kinetic Text Motion Paths and Animations
Animate text with multiple directions, effects, and styles to captivate your audience with hyper-engaging videos.

Mesmerizing Animated & Motion Transitions
Create a seamless flow to your videos with eye-popping, fun-to-watch transitions that keep viewers watching to then end.

Add Your Own Images, Videos, & Audio Elements
Upload your logo, branding, images, photos, videos, music, sound fx and any other elements you want in your videos.

Precision Clip & Trim Video Editing and Fine Tuning
Add full videos to your project or clip just the exact start and end time of the footage you want and even keep or remove audio.

1-Click Watermarking
Add your own logo or text watermark to every frame in your video in 1 click to build your brand and protect your content.

Drag-n-Drop Canvas Editor
Beginner-friendly editor just drag and drop elements on the canvas and move them exactly where you want for perfect results.

1-Click Easy Sync
Preview your video in real time and click to sync each slide with the audio for fast and simple perfect sync for every video.

Click-n-Drag Timeline Editor
Fine tune your video for the perfect look and feel with simple click-n-drag timeline editing for slides, elements, and more.

Multiple Sizes and Formats
Create hd, square, and vertical story videos in up to 4k resolution with 30fps or 60fps in both mp4 and webm formats.

Zero Fees or Limits
Create as many videos as you want without extra charges or rendering limits and without waiting times or queues.

Simple & Clean Dashboard Designed For Beginners
Clean and beautiful user dashboard makes creating videos fast, easy, and fun with simple and intuitive controls and layout.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough Easy Video Training
Watch over-the-shoulder screen sharing type videos with full explanations and walkthroughs of every feature and setting.

Create, Sell, & Profit With Unlimited Videos
Create unlimited videos and use them anywhere you want or even sell them to clients for unlimited sales and profits.

How does work?

Step #1:
Pick a done-for-you stunning video template (or create from scratch).

Step #2:
Edit with drag-n-drop ease to create your customized video in minutes.

Step #3:
Produce your studio-quality traffic & sales getting video in 1 click.

Who should use?

Digital Marketer
Promote new or existing product lines with engaging videos.

Affiliate Marketer
Supercharge your affiliate campaigns with high converting videos.

Transform your ideas into stunning videos in minutes with a few clicks.

SEO Professional
Gorgeous videos that get seen everywhere to grow your search rankings.

Website Owner
Dress your site to impress your audience by making expert-level videos.

Increase user engagement with pro eye-candy videos.

Stand out from the rest and showcase your new episode with videos.

Paid Advertiser
Skyrocket conversions by using captivating and persuasive videos.

eCommerce Store Owner
Make videos and product posts for your store and share them for more sales.

Brick and Mortar Business Owner
You’ll have slick multiple-sized videos in minutes with zero monthly fees.

Author and Publisher
End wasting money on outsourcing videos and do it yourself instead.

Social Media Marketer
Create and post videos to engage your visitors and build a following.

Good points

  • Create stunning video shorts in minutes.
  • 50+ studio quality done-for-you templates.
  • Videos that build your brand and drive sales.
  • Commercial license to sell your videos for profits.
  • Drag-n-drop simple complete video software.
  • Wide and vertical story videos in hd & 4k.
  • Included 1,000+ elements & effects library.
  • Make & sell unlimited videos on demand.

Bad points

  • You need an internet connection.

Why Our Customers Love Use

Amit Gaikwad
The commercial license means anyone can make videos and then sell them to clients. VidzAGENCY is like a video agency in a box.

Matt Martin
I love that VidzAGENCY includes so many done-for-you templates so it’s simple to make stunning videos in seconds.

Anirudh Baavra
VidzAGENCY lets anyone make awesome videos without any skills and without paying big money to freelancers.

Fast Action Bonuses of VidzAGENCY

Fast Action Bonus #1: 1-Click Scene Creator
Have an intro or outro slide you want to use in more videos? Or maybe just a great scene? With VidzAGENCY you can save it as a scene in 1 click and then reuse it in any video you create. The 1-click scene creator is a game-changer because you never have to duplicate work or create the same scene twice. Just create the scene you want, save it as a scene, and then add it to any video you make in 1 click.

Fast Action Bonus #2: 100 Transitions & Special Fx
Special fx and transitions add that extra wow factor to your videos so you can stop viewers in their tracks, engage them, and get them to watch all the way through until they take action. You get 100 bonus unique transitions and special fx you can add to any video in 1 click, and you can only find them here as we had them created just for VidzAGENCY. Take your engagement, clicks, shares, and sales to a whole new level.

Fast Action Bonus #3: 150 Stunning Backgrounds
A great background can make a great video and you get 500 hand-selected stunning backgrounds to make your videos pop. Choose from multiple colors, textures, and different vibes to create the perfect feel for your videos. Every background is super high-res and beautiful to look at it so when you add them to your videos you’re sure to get and keep people watching. Choose one for your whole video, or use different backgrounds on every slide–it’s up to you.

Fast Action Bonus #4: 200 Designer Fonts
We hand-picked 200 of the best fonts for videos. Bold, condensed, handwritten, display, serif and more–you get a wide collection of all types of fonts to fit any video you want to make. From playful social media videos to professional corporate promotions, whatever kind of video you’re making we have a font for you to make it look perfect. Choose one font family for your whole video or even use multiple fonts on each and every slide–you’re in total control.

Fast Action Bonus #5: 150 Jaw-Dropping Photos & Illustrations
Get high-resolution photos with transparent backgrounds to add to your videos in all the most popular types–people and objects that look great on any video and blend perfectly. And add to that high-resolution clipart and illustrations with pro-quality detail that you can also add to any video in 1 click. You get all the visual content you need included in VidzAGENCY. Add as many photos and illustrations as you want to as many video as you want–you get unlimited use.

Fast Action Bonus #6: 200 Buttons, Shapes, And Stickers
Shapes are great for making text stand out and drawing attention to something in your videos, and stickers let you promote your products, services, brand and any sales you’re running. You get a collection of both, plus awesome buttons to add calls-to-action in your videos so you can get people to click, share, signup, and buy. Use as many buttons, shapes, and stickers as you want on as many videos as you want–you get unlimited use.

Fast Action Bonus #7: 100 Music Tracks & Sound Fx
Music and sound effects can make the difference between an ordinary video that gets scrolled by and a viral sensation that gets viewed, shared and clicked. Vidzmock has you covered with over 100 background music tracks in all genres and sound effects to make your videos stand out and take your results to another level. Epic, classical, new age, or maybe rock–match whatever sound you’re looking for with your video for the perfect effect. Use sound effects too to make it perfect.

Fast Action Bonus #8: Commercial License
The included commercial license gives you the power to sell unlimited videos and video mockups to unlimited customers and keep 100% of all the profits you make. Make videos and sell them to clients, start a side-hustle on fiverr or upwork, or even help local businesses in your area create videos and build their brand. Even better…do all three and pocket massive profits. Videos are in high demand and people will pay no questions asked for great videos. You now have a superpower profit machine in your hands just waiting for you to cash in.

Fast Action Bonus #9: Extra Software License Activation
Got a second computer or a partner or outsourcer you want to give access? The extra software license activation lets you use VidzAGENCY on two systems so you can create double the videos for double results and profits. Just use the same license key and we’ll add an extra activation so it will work for your partner, spouse, employee, or outsourcer. Or you can even install it on both of your own systems so no matter where you are you have the power of VidzAGENCY with you.

Fast Action Bonus #10: Sell Digital Videos On Amazon
Sell your digital videos on amazon video direct. Learn all the benefits you can get from this amazing program. Learn what’s the best video format to be uploaded to amazon video direct, the simple way to make sure your videos look perfect on any screen sizes, and how to upload a series of videos as episodes. Get more video reviews by offering your videos for free, but still make money from it. Learn how to choose the right pricing and monetization for all of your videos and how to analyze your video performance metrics.

Fast Action Bonus #11: Using Live & Recorded Streaming Platforms
Get live streaming like a pro in 60 minutes. Discover the fast and easy way to get started, and learn how to master live streaming with skype, zoom, google, streamyard, and youtube. You’ll get all the shortcuts including minimum equipment, mobile and computer specs, lighting. Start streaming to social networks in minutes. Streaming is one of the hottest ways to engage viewers and make sales and now you can cash in on the trend.

Fast Action Bonus #12: 10 Bonus Themes Preloaded In Vidagency
Themes let you apply a professional look and feel to your whole video in just 1 click. You get 10 bonus custom themes built-in to VidzAGENCY. Themes are created especially for VidzAGENCY and are only available in this software. Watch your backgrounds, text, animations, and transitions come to life in just a click when you apply a theme. Want to see what your video looks like with another theme? Just choose and click to apply and watch it transform in front of your eyes instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does It Work On Windows & Mac?
A: Absolutely. VidzAGENCY is available for both windows pc and apple mac users. Download VidzAGENCY and create your first video in the next 60 seconds with cloud access to updates and assets.

Q: Are There Any Hidden Fees?
A: No. During the launch period, you only pay once and never again to create unlimited videos. There is no charge per video or per month usage. After the launch period we will be charging monthly and per video.

Q: Are There Any Restrictions On The Number Of Videos I Can Create?
A: No. Like adobe premiere & camtasia, once you download the software it opens the door to amazing studio quality videos which means you have the freedom to create unlimited videos without waiting around. It’s instant.

Q: Do You Have A Money-Back Guarantee?
A: Yes. We want you to experience the true power of vidzmock and that’s the reason we have decided to let you try it out totally risk free. If you don’t get along with it for any reason during the first 30 days after purchase, just contact us, and if we cannot fix the problem, we will give you a complete refund.

Q: Where Can I Use VidzAGENCY Videos?
A: You can use VidzAGENCY across multi-platforms such as websites, blogs, ecommerce stores, video ads, social networks, video channels, advertising networks and just about anywhere you want.

Q: What File Formats Does VidzAGENCY Create?
A: VidzAGENCY makes videos in wide, square, or vertical sizes, and in 4k and hd resolutions with either 30 or 60fps and in .mp4 formats.

Q: What File Formats Can I Add To My Videos?
A: You can upload images (jpg, png, gif), videos (mp4, webm), and sounds (.mp3, .wav) to use in any of your videos.

Q: How Much Money Can You Make With VidzAGENCY?
A: There’s no limit to your earning potential. Firstly, using it for your own business will attract you more traffic, more leads and more conversions, that builds most of your profit already. Apart from that you can sell these videos to other businesses and charge a fee you want- all the money you make is yours to keep.

Q: Do You Offer Training?
A: Yes. We include step-by-step walkthrough video training showing you exactly how to use VidzAGENCY. We also have a customer support team available if you need further assistance.

Q: How Do I Reach Customer Support?
A: Just go to

Product Details For VidzAGENCY

Buy OTO1: VidzAGENCY Effects Upgrade Your OTO

Effects upgrade includes done-for-you special fx video templates, 100s of unique special fx to add to any video, bigger media library, international translation, international text-to-speech, 1-click scene creator.

Buy OTO2: VidzAGENCY Animated Upgrade Your OTO

Animated upgrade includes done-for-you special animated video templates, done-for-you animated themes, 100s of animated characters, 100s of animated elements, stop-action video creator and a slideshow video creator so users can showcase their designs in video format and go full multimedia

Buy OTO3: VidzAGENCY Slideshow Upgrade Your OTO

Slideshow upgrade includes done-for-you slideshow and live action video templates, slideshow and live action themes, multi-slide theme creator, 100s of visual elements added to the library, import 1,000,000s of royalty free elements from pixabay, add your own fonts

Buy OTO4: VidzAGENCY Agency Upgrade Your OTO

Agency upgrade includes vsl & explainer video creator, done-for-you agency marketing package, agency members access and virtual team accounts, international text & voiceover translation, dfy professional logo collection, dfy agency proposals & contract templates

Buy OTO5: VidzAGENCY Dezignbiz Upgrade Your OTO

Dezignbiz upgrade includes the complete dezignbiz software bundle to create and sell graphic designs. Includes full access to the software to create graphics, let the a.i. create new versions for you automatically, and sell them to clients. Also make gifs, stop-action videos, and more. The perfect add-on for any online business because it generates graphic designs and visual content automatically.

VidzAGENCY Get instant access

More Product Details

To see more details you can see the link below:
Buy Front End: VidzAGENCY Buy
Buy OTO1: VidzAGENCY Effects Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO2: VidzAGENCY Animated Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO3: VidzAGENCY Slideshow Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO4: VidzAGENCY Agency Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO5: VidzAGENCY Dezignbiz Upgrade Your OTO

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