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Did you know? 90% of short videos have a higher completion rate, and reach 58% more people. That’s why leading platforms like facebook, google, and youtube rely on vertical videos to educate, inform, and significantly boost their online sales. Social media is a constant battle for attention. You need fresh, engaging content to cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd. But who has the time to spend hours editing videos for every platform? Key highlights: selecting the right segment no amount of editing can save dull content. We identify and highlight the key moments that will engage your audience. Video editing: bringing the story to life each video is expertly edited to adhere to short-form platform best practices while reflecting your brand’s unique style and vibe. Visual effects: subtitles, audio waves, and more. We incorporate dynamic visual effects like subtitles, audio waves, progress bars, and multi-speaker layouts to make your videos more engaging and visually appealing. Videos in minutes not hours. Stop wasting hours in complicated video editing apps, and stop paying got overpriced video editors that still fail to deliver constantly. And replace with wholesome ai tool that works like your co-pilot.

Good points

  • Ai clipping.
  • Ai face frame.
  • Ai captions.
  • Ai emojis.
  • Text based edit.
  • Dynamic layout.
  • Auto silence cut.
  • Music & sounds.
  • 100+ design options.
  • Ai viral score.
  • Progress bars.
  • Audio waveform.

Why Our Customers Love Use

Tim Schrider
If you are a professional marketer, run an agency, or put out video content regularly this tool is a must have. I run a small team for a medical health company and we are able to now put out video shorts quicker than we were before. We have been either going from app to app looking for the best solution to create tik tok or youtube short videos to put out but rocket clips is a serious time saver. The best part is that you’re not sacrificing any quality or features and very small learning curve (if any). Thanks tim.

Kam Mehrtash
Hi tim, how you doing this is kam mehrtash. I love this software. This is amazing, this is gonna revolutionize my whole work i was so looking for that. Of course there is a paid version that you pay like twenty thirty dollars a month. This is just gonna be a one time fee and it’s got so many options i can use. I can just expand on the videos and use the content for my postings and it’s just amazing. Really appreciate this software., it is amazing. Thank you so much for introducing me to rocket clips al tim. Thank you.

Ray Makara
I absolutely love using RocketClips AI. This software is a game-changer, and it works exceptionally well. I had the chance to put it to the test, and i’m genuinely impressed by its performance. RocketClips AI is incredibly simple to use yet remarkably versatile. It does exactly what i needed it to do : take a 9+ minute video and break it into smaller clips with great potential to go viral. The options for enhancing the video clips are extensive, but the process is never complicated. I particularly love the feature that allows me to add a progress bar that wraps around the entire video (it looks so cool), as well as the ability to add a highly customizable “audio wave” into the clips. These two unique features alone really help my content stand out in a crowded field. RocketClips AI is going to play a pivotal role in growing my youtube channel and social media presence. Kudos to the team for creating such an amazing tool.

Daniel Akaniru
One major thing i love so much about RocketClips AI al is it’s user-friendly interface, it’s designed in a way that even complete newbies like me could use it to create amazing shorts from my videos. All i need to do is upload the video, navigate through the amazing features, and everything just works automatically as i click. This tool is highly profitable for anyone looking to boost engagement and sales. Cheers.

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Vendor: Tim Verdouw
Product: RocketClips AI
Front-End Price: $37
Skill Required: No Skill Required
Customer Support: Yes
Bonus: Yes
Refund Status: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Official Site: Link Front End

Product Details For RocketClips AI
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Best Feature of RocketClips AI

  • AI-Powered Video Creation Suite:
  • Upload up to 250MB per file.
  • Import video up to 20 mins per campaign.
  • Create 60 min per month video.
  • Create YouTube, Shorts, Stories, Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, LinkedIn, VSL, Explainer & any short videos.
  • Import Video from YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Direct Link or Upload from PC.
  • Advanced AI Features:
  • AI Video Context Technology.
  • AI Generated Clips based on content.
  • AI based Single Face, Dual Face, Letterboxed Layouts.
  • AI Virality Score.
  • AI Hashtags for social media.
  • AI Virality analysis.
  • AI title Score.
  • AI Magic Zoom.
  • AI Powered Auto B-Roll.
  • Flexible Editing Options:
  • Drag and Drop Video Editing.
  • Text based video editing.
  • Interactive timeline to expand, trim, split and more for flexible editing.
  • Auto Caption Generation.
  • Add captions only feature.
  • Create Portrait 9:16 Videos.
  • Create Landscape 16:9 Videos.
  • Create Square 1:1 Videos.
  • Create 10 Video clips from a long video.
  • Customization and Effects:
  • 32+ Languages Supported.
  • Auto Speaker Detection.
  • Trendy Animated Caption Templates.
  • 250+ Premium Fonts.
  • 100+ Design customization options.
  • Edit Video clips by text.
  • Video Progress bar.
  • Audiowaves with Templates.
  • Background Music.
  • Export and Branding:
  • Lightening fast video rendering.
  • No Watermark.
  • Commercial Rights.

Best Benefit of RocketClips AI

Access Any Video
Import videos from anywhere – youtube, vimeo, google drive, direct link, or upload from pc – and start creating in seconds.

Revolutionize Your Content
Get ahead with advanced ai features like video context technology, ai-generated clips, and ai-based layouts that drive engagement.

Edit Like a Pro
Effortlessly edit videos with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, text-based editing, and interactive timeline that makes video editing a breeze.

Global Reach Made Easy
Tap into a global audience with support for 32+ languages, auto speaker detection, and trendy animated captions that captivate.

Transform Your Videos
Unleash your creativity with 100+ design customization options, edit video clips by text, and add a professional touch with video progress bars and audiowaves.

Export & Dominate
Get lightning-fast video rendering, no watermarks, and commercial rights to export and dominate your competition.

Captioning Simplified
Add captions only with ease, auto-generate captions, and create portrait, landscape, or square videos that engage your audience.

Video Magic at Your Fingertips
Experience the power of ai magic zoom, ai-powered auto b-roll, and create 10 video clips from a long video with just a few clicks.

Lightning-Fast Rendering
Get your videos rendered in a flash, with our lightning-fast rendering engine that saves you time and boosts productivity.

How does work?

Step #1: Import from YouTube or Upload Any Video
Just tell ai what you want, and it will start crafting powerful websites according to your niche, business and style.

Step #2: Click “Get AI Clips”
RocketClips AI transcribes your video, cuts out speakers, and processing your videos with our proprietary ai. Sit back as ai generates fully-designed video clips for tiktok, youtube, instagram or any platform of your choice.

Step #3: Export & Share
Modify with complete flexibility options or just download to share on your favorite social media platform.

Please check out the demo video here.

Who should use?

  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Business Lead Generation.
  • Video Marketing.
  • Niche Marketing.
  • Digital Product Sales.
  • Business Owners.
  • Marketers.
  • Product Reviews.
  • Freelancers.
  • Marketing.
  • Business.
  • Traffic Specialists.
  • You Can Try 30 Days.
  • Any More.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is This A Desktop Software? Does It Work On A Pc?
A: This is a cloud-based app that doesn’t require any Installation. Simply access it from anywhere, anytime in the world just as long as you have an internet connection.

Q: Are There Any Training Videos Included?
A: Yes. Although RocketClips AI is simple and easy to use, we make it easier for you with step-by-step training tutorials to get up and running faster.

Q: Is It Beginner-Friendly?
A: Yes, it’s really beginner friendly and we do all the hard work for you. So, there’s not much manual work for you. And also we added a Free tutorial to get started.

Q: Do I Need Technical Skills Or Experience To Use This Tool?
A: No. We have a step by step tutorial for this so you don’t have to do anything else.

Q: Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?
A: Yes, you are covered by a 30 Day money back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk when you act now.

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