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Ai is here to stay and I am sure you will agree with me. If you use AI, you can get ahead of everyone else and achieve great things. I’m sure you’ve seen ChatGPT at least once since its release and this free ai has made a big noise. If you are unsure how to get the best results from ChatGPT and want to learn how to generate a steady stream of income using the power of AI, you need to attend this special webinar. ChatGPT is a conversational AI and you might think that you just need to chat to get results. But it’s more than that. You need to give the right inputs (prompts) to get the desired output. That’s where most people get stuck. So what if you don’t have to think about what to input and just use a pre-engineered and customized prompt within seconds to get 100x better results. That’s what Karthik has done with his new app called Prompt Engine Pro. Karthik went ahead and created a chrome extension that will run inside the ChatGPT interface and help you to use the engineered prompts with ease.

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Prompt Engine Pro review
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Vendor: Karthik Ramani

Product: Prompt Engine Pro

Launch Date and Time: 2023-Jun-21 at 11:00 EDT

Front-End Price: $37

Skill Required: No Skill Required

Customer Support: Yes

Bonus: Yes

Refund Status: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Official Site: Link Front End

Product Details For Prompt Engine Pro
Buy Front End: Prompt Engine Pro Buy
Buy OTO1: Prompt Engine Pro Advanced Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO2: Prompt Engine Pro MarketPlace Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO3: Prompt Engine Pro Business Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO4: Prompt Engine Pro Club Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO5: Prompt Engine Pro MidJourney Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO6: Prompt Engine Pro Reseller Upgrade Your OTO

Best Feature of Prompt Engine Pro

10000+ Done-For You Prompts
Hand-crafted, tried & tested proven to work customizable prompts.

Prompts in 20+ Income Generating Categories
From email marketing to affiliate marketing and from ecommerce to seo, we have it all covered. Pick any income generating category and get your done-for-you prompts done in minutes.

Subcategories to get laser targeted content
100s of subcategories helping you get laser-targeted prompts for your work.

Fill in the Blanks Format for Prompts
Choose a prompt that best suits your needs and fill in the blanks with your product or service info to create prompts that will get you extraordinary results.

Choose Prompts In 5 Popular Languages
Do not want to choose your prompts in english? We have got you covered. We have prompts in spanish, french, german and italian. You can choose your language and then the entire Prompt Engine Pro part of the page loads in the language of your choice. You can easily choose the prompts from here.

Refinement Options
Ability to refine the results to specific length, say 100, 200, 300 or more words and type like letter, email, story and so on.

Workspace to Store your Conversations
Organize all your work for different clients in workspaces.

Save History
Save all your searches in the backend in specific workspaces from inside ChatGPT.

Easily Create Notes From The Chat Response
Simply select the text you want from the response and add it to a workspace using the add to workbook option. Keep adding as many text as you want. Click on the workbook and give a title, edit text, move around and save it in your workspace.

Easy Access to Trending Categories & Popular Niches
Quickly access prompts in trending categories and frequently used niches without having to search for it in the main directory of prompts.

Record Videos using in-built TelePrompter
How cool would it be to record videos using an in-built teleprompter? You can use the ai generated content and record videos on your desktop / laptop or even mobile device and download and use it anywhere you want.

Text Editor to customize your content given by AI
Before recording the video, you can customize the text provided by ai using the text editor and even enable right to left text direction.

Prompts Localization
Get your ChatGPT response in the language of your choice.

Commercial Rights
Use the app to service your clients.

Agency Rights
Create client accounts and allow them to access the extension and specific workspaces.

Chrome Extension
The prompts appear as an overlay inside of ChatGPT with a simple chrome extension that can be installed in seconds. Connect it with your back end by copy & pasting your unique API key.

Best Benefit of Prompt Engine Pro

  • The only ChatGPT extension one needs.
  • Save all ChatGPT responses and see whenever you want.
  • Easily create notes with chat response.
  • Organize all your work in workspaces and keep all your client’s work separately.
  • Done-for-you prompts in various categories.
  • Prompts in 5 popular languages.
  • Multiple refinement options to make chat gpt’s response better.
  • 100s of ways to start making profits with ChatGPT.
  • Record videos with in-built teleprompter perfect for content creation.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Removes trial & error and multiple iterations with prompts to get the right results.
  • Helps get a competitive edge.
  • Built to make you profits.
  • Included commercial & agency rights.

How does work?

Step #1:
Install the extension.

Step #2:
Choose your category & prompt.

Step #3:
Fill up the blanks.

Step #4:
Profit from al generated content in multiple ways.

Please check out the demo video here.

Who should use?

  • Digital Marketers.
  • Coaches.
  • Writers.
  • Social Media Managers.
  • Freelancers.
  • Content Creators.
  • Copywriters.
  • Advertising Professionals.
  • Storytellers.
  • Business Owners.
  • Business Executives.
  • Educators.
  • Course Creators.
  • Funnel Builders.
  • Email Marketers.
  • E-Commerce Professionals.
  • Agencies.
  • Script Writers.
  • Researchers.
  • And so on.

Good points

  • The only ChatGPT extension you will ever need.
  • Get 100x better results from ChatGPT.
  • 20+ profitable prompt categories.
  • 10000+ income generating prompts.
  • Runs inside the ChatGPT interface.
  • Easily organizable workspaces to saves ChatGPT interactions.
  • Quickly create notes from the chat.
  • Refinement options to get desired output.
  • Prompts in 5 popular languages.
  • In-built teleprompter to record videos using ai generated content.
  • Opens up multiple income opportunities.
  • Included agency and commercial rights.
  • And so much more.

Bad points

  • You need an internet connection.

Why Our Customers Love Use

Ben Murray
Woah. Karthik has done it once again. When ChatGPT came out people thought, “can it get any easier?” Karthik and his team have made it much easier to work on ChatGPT and get 100x better results. What i love about the app is that it works within the interface of ChatGPT and gives you choices of prompts in income generating categories. Even if you are a newbie, you can easily get started on your journey with ChatGPT catapulted using Prompt Engine Pro. Not to forget the easy way to shoot videos too with the inbuilt teleprompter. Ben murray

Abhi Dwivedi
If you are looking for income generating opportunities, i bet ChatGPT can be a savior. But how do you get started? How to get the best results from ChatGPT? That’s what karthik has solved for you with Prompt Engine Pro. From affiliate marketing to becoming an online coach he has covered it all and you have ready to go customizable prompts that will load for you inside the ChatGPT interface. The coolest part is you can even record videos using a teleprompter from inside the app.

Chris Jenkins
Ai is the buzzword now and with the release of ChatGPT, ai has reached the masses. But ai needs human input and that’s where things start to mess up. If you have no idea what to put in, then you will only get vague results from ai. Karthik & his team have solved this for anyone who is a creator, marketer, business owner or even a freelancer. You just need to choose your prompts in a few clicks and get amazing results from ChatGPT. I love that the app is built with amazing agency features, a backend and ability to even shoot videos using a teleprompter. It’s an end-to-end ai package and i’d give this one 5 stars.

Saurabh Bhatnagar
When karthik told me that he is working on ai and ChatGPT stuff, i was hesitant initially because i knew that there were a lot of apps coming around this area. I was wondering what could be different. But when karthik showed me what he had built, it completely blew my mind. I have mentored 1000s of people to get started on their online journey and i think this app will make a profound impact on my mentees. It’s going to help them automate a lot of work and get things done with pre done prompts and the power of ai. Even if you do not have a particular skill set, it will no longer be a deal breaker. Ai and karthik’s dfy prompts will get you pro quality results. It is going to fast track your success. Perfect even for newbies who are struggling to get started.

Fast Action Bonuses of Prompt Engine Pro

Fast Action Bonus #1: The Creator Economy – Value $97
Prompt Engine Pro gives you a ton of opportunities to create content in various categories and you should definitely take advantage of it and grab your share from the creator economy. In this special guide you will learn how to build an audience and monetize your skills, passion and hobbies from content creation.

Fast Action Bonus #2: How to make money on Fiverr? – Value $147
Prompt Engine Pro opens up multiple doors to becoming a freelancer and paves a path for you to offer a variety of services. This special guide will cover different methods to actually start getting freelancing jobs and get paid on fiverr.

Fast Action Bonus #3: Master YouTube Influence – Value $197
From video ideas to scripting to thumbnail creation you have it all sorted using Prompt Engine Pro. But you need to know how to actually start and run a successful youtube channel and monetize it multiple ways. This special guide will help you become a youtube influencer and grow your business.

Fast Action Bonus #4: Internet Marketing Secrets – Value $397
Our promise with Prompt Engine Pro is that even if you are a complete newbie you will be able to carve out your path to a steady income flow. We are going to show you multiple ways to do that inside of this little internet marketing secrets guide. From choosing a niche to learning the nuances of internet marketing, we have got it all covered.

Fast Action Bonus #5: Content Marketing Formula – Value $197
The creator economy is worth $250 bn right now and every 4th person is a creator. But for your work to stand out in the crowd, you need a proper strategy and steps to achieve it. This will introduce you to the various formats of content marketing and how you should strategize your content and build your own personal brand.

Fast Action Bonus #6: Modern Niche Marketing – Value $247
Choosing a proper niche is the most crucial part of your online journey. We are going to give away all the secrets to choosing the right and the most profitable niches.

Fast Action Bonus #7: High Ticket Sales Secrets – Value $497
Selling online is a special skill and to be able to sell high-ticket items is a super power. To sell high ticket products or services you need the right kind of clients and this special guide will show you how to make high-ticket sales by targeting the right audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I Need The Paid Version Of ChatGPT For This To Work?
A: No. The basic free version is sufficient for this to work and get you great results.

Q: Do I Have To Copy & Paste The Prompts?
A: The app comes as an overlay on ChatGPT when you have the chrome extension installed. You do not have to copy & paste prompts. You can simply point-click and choose.

Q: How Is This Different From Any Other Prompt Extension Or Prompt Packs?
A: This comes as an overlay inside of ChatGPT and gives you multiple categories, sub-categories and easily customizable prompts to choose from along with refinement options. Plus the app also comes with a backend to store all the conversations and even a teleprompter to record videos using ai generated content. Plus this is the only app that comes with agency features that will blow your mind.

Q: What Can I Use This App For?
A: This app can be used to ease your regular work or it could be the starting point of your online journey. Whether you want to kick start a new business or start creating content for social media or offer service to other businesses as a freelancer you can do it all using this app.

Q: I Am Not Interested In Becoming A Content Creator. How Else Can I Profit Using This App?
A: No problem. You do not have to shoot videos or create content. This app can be used for a variety of other purposes. Using this you can set up your own agency or freelancing business and offer a whole host of services or embark on your affiliate marketing journey. There is so much more. I am only scratching the surface here.

Q: What Does The Backend Of The App Include?
A: The extension runs inside of ChatGPT and comes along with a backend where you can store all the interactions with ChatGPT in separate workspaces. You can also record videos using an in-built teleprompter.

Q: Do We Get Agency & Commercial Rights?
A: The extension runs inside of ChatGPT and comes along with a backend where you can store all the interactions with ChatGPT in separate workspaces. You can also record videos using an in-built teleprompter.

Q: Do You Have A Bundle Deal?
A: Once you pick justap from this page, you will be presented with a fast-pass bundle deal that includes all the upgrades.

Q: Is There A Monthly Fee?
A: You are in luck. We are running a limited-time only founding member’s launch and during this period, if you get Prompt Engine Pro, you will be able to secure it for the lowest possible one-time only price.

Q: Do You Have A Money-Back Guarantee?
A: Yes. We do have a 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for some reason, you can claim a full refund within this period.

Q: I Have Never Used Chat Gpt Or Any Ai Tools Before. Will This Work For Me?
A: You do not need any prior experience to use the app. It is 100% newbie friendly.

Q: I Have Specific Questions. How Can I Get Them Answered?
A: Sure. Please write to us at [email protected]

Q: Do You Have Tutorials?
A: Yes. We do have tutorials and a fully searchable knowledge base that will hand hold you to creating your first campaign.

Product Details For Prompt Engine Pro

Buy OTO1: Prompt Engine Pro Advanced Upgrade Your OTO

This will help you get access to advanced features like advanced prompt refinement options, ability to export the ChatGPT response as a pdf, ability to add custom prompts which can be retrieved and used when needed. It also gives advanced teleprompter features like speed, ability to scroll up or down, ability to customize font color and size. The prompt engine advanced also gives access to creation of unlimited workspaces, unlimited prompts and unlimited prompts history.

Buy OTO2: Prompt Engine Pro MarketPlace Upgrade Your OTO

With this upsell we are giving a platform for you to sell your prompts to other Prompt Engine Pro users for any price that you set. You can create prompts and list it on the marketplace, connect your payment gateways and let other people purchase and use your prompts. The marketplace will have features where people can give ratings, write reviews and even display the number of people who have bought your prompts. It also has autoresponder integrations to help you build a list of people who have bought your prompts. It will also give access to a community where like-minded people can discuss prompts and it will give you an idea for your next prompt pack that you create.

Buy OTO3: Prompt Engine Pro Business Upgrade Your OTO

This upgrade will basically unlock unlimited client accounts, ability to add custom branding to client’s dashboard and ability to assign specific workspaces to clients. It also opens up team member access where you can add your own team members and let them access specific client accounts. The business edition also comes with complete marketing pack which includes done-for-you agency website, done-for-you sales video, done-for-you facebook ads, done-for-you follow up email swipes, done-for-you fiverr gigs, done-for-you phone scripts which will help you sell chat gpt prompts as a service to other businesses.

Buy OTO4: Prompt Engine Pro Club Upgrade Your OTO

The prompt engine club opens up 1000 additional prompts in various popular categories. It will also give you access to 25 new in-demand prompts every month for the next 12 months. The prompt engine club also gives you the ability to request up to 5 prompts in any category as per one’s need.

Buy OTO5: Prompt Engine Pro MidJourney Upgrade Your OTO

The prompt engine mid journey gives access to image prompts that will help you create gorgeous looking images for your social media, ads, websites, graphics, videos and so much more. Just like how chat gpt generates content with prompts, midjourney generates images with prompts and we will give you a huge collection of such prompts to get the best possible response from midjourney.

Buy OTO6: Prompt Engine Pro Reseller Upgrade Your OTO

This wonderful upgrade gives you resell rights to sell Prompt Engine Pro. You can create reseller accounts from your dashboard and you will also get all the sales and marketing materials that we have used to sell Prompt Engine Pro. A powerful upgrade and anyone would love to have a plugin to assist them in their ChatGPT journey. Customers get to set the price and keep 100% of the profits.

Prompt Engine Pro Get instant access

More Product Details

To see more details you can see the link below:
Buy Front End: Prompt Engine Pro Buy
Buy OTO1: Prompt Engine Pro Advanced Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO2: Prompt Engine Pro MarketPlace Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO3: Prompt Engine Pro Business Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO4: Prompt Engine Pro Club Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO5: Prompt Engine Pro MidJourney Upgrade Your OTO
Buy OTO6: Prompt Engine Pro Reseller Upgrade Your OTO

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